The Truth About the Smoke Color Affair


Whether it's hearty meat or aromatic cheese, smoking is an art. The subtle smoky color and flavor depend on a number of factors. In this post, we'll take a look at five important aspects of smoking.

1. The importance of the degree of drying

The degree of drying forms the foundation of every smoking process. The question of whether you dry at 50°C, 55°C or 60°C plays a role here. The drying performance varies depending on the temperature, and this affects the entire smoking process. Depending on the smoke system used, the degree of drying is adjusted, which in turn affects the smoke color. Open systems prefer moisture at the start, while semi-closed and closed systems better have a dry product at the start of the smoking process - because the humidity in the chamber rises quickly.

2. The Art of Flap Position

Smoke dampers play a crucial role in smoking. In closed systems, special dampers can be adjusted once by hand and influence the supply air of the smoke generator. It's important to find the right balance between being too wide open and being too closed. If it is too wide open, the smoke generator will burn. In the case of open systems, it is more important to control the supply of fresh air, as an excessive opening will result in little smoke paint coming to the product, while a too closed fresh air damper will result in an uneven product.

3. Temperature: Significant fluctuations

Temperature plays a crucial role in fumigation. An increase in temperature between drying and smoking can cause the product to release moisture more quickly, similar to sweating. With an open system, this is desirable - because drying is always done anyway. In the case of a closed system, not so much - because too much moisture in a closed system will cause it to become a dull smoke color.

4. Gradation of cooking and showering

Caution should be exercised if the smoking process is immediately followed by cooking – the product may lose colour if it is showered and cooled afterwards. A short drying step before cooking can mitigate this effect - the smoke will then stick much better.

5. The Need for Ionsmoke

If all else fails, Ionsmoke can  help. This will speed up your smoking process, save you time and energy. Based on the electrostatic principle, Ionsmoke delivers state-of-the-art food processing technology. This can be retrofitted.


Please contact us. Your smoker has all these possibilities. However, the control system must meet your expectations precisely. Individually adjustable feed times, pauses, exhaust air motors and engine speeds during the smoking processes, pre-ignitions and auxiliary ignitions as well as different flap positions – even with finely graded Belimo flaps from 0-100%.

All these factors are standard functions of our controllers. We are at your side and help you create culinary masterpieces. Contact us for on-site support. All it takes is a phone call.