EB1 universal controller for the food industry

Controller of the latest generation

EB1 is a modern, easy-to-use and reliable controller designed for the food industry. It is retrofittable and works with all brands of systems.

The EB1 controller helps you to have a more reliable and cleaner process. Food can be treated and smoked more energy-efficiently.

controller front panel


  • Touchscreen with intuitive user interface
  • haptic buttons for all basic functions


  • Set up your programs on the screen
  • up to 99 programs with up to 99 steps each
  • 50 individual process steps

Running program

  • Change settings during operation
  • View change values ​​such as time, temperature, humidity, core temperature, etc
  • direct feedback on progress and error handling


  • make basic settings yourself
  • Advanced settings, single relay test, calibration of sensors and analog outputs, language, etc.

The controller explained in 4 steps

icon compatible

The EB1 controller fits on any system like: Alkar, Autotherm, Bastra, Doleschal, Dorit, Fessmann, Lagard, Lefa, Lutetia, Maurer Atmos, Mauting, Novotherm, Provac, Reich, Schröter, Schwan, Sorgo, Stein, Thile, Travaglini, Voss.

The modern controller for you smoke chamber

smoke chamber with controller

What are the applications of the EB1 controller?

Smoke systems, cooking systems, air conditioning systems, ripening systems, baking systems, etc.

Does it fit my system?

The EB1 controller can be retrofitted to all system brands. We will gladly make you a non binding offer. Conversion time ≈ 1.5 days.

What experiences do we have?

In the last 38 years, EBSmoke has produced thousands of controllers. The EB1 combines our reliable and proven technology with a modern user interface.

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Do you have an old chrome steel system with an old controller?
The chrome steel is still good. But the controls have to be changed.
We help: From smoke system to drying room - we are specialists.


We also do service and can renovate and repair your system. Flaps, heating rods, power parts.

  • Fast response times
  • Fair & solution-oriented support
  • Industry experience since 1985

Call us for a non-binding initial consultation.

+41 71 634 60 50


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The EB1 controller is the next step in the line of our proven legacy controllers. Do you have one of our old controllers that needs replacing?

controller front panel


  • network updates
  • EBCloud ready
  • Ionsmoke ready
  • user-friendly
  • production: since 2020
  • support: until min. 2035

SC 2000

SC 2000 controller
  • the first digitally upgradeable controller
  • production: 1985-1998
  • support: until 2010

SC 9000

SC 9000 Controller
  • the successor
  • production: 1995-2020
  • support: until 2025

Platium 9000

Platium 9000 Controller
  • easy retrofitting for the SC 2000
  • production: 2000-2020
  • support: until 2024


platium controller
  • new with USB ports
  • production: 2003-2019
  • support: until 2020


Find PDF of our controllers here: 
EB1, SC 2000, SC 9000, Platium 9000, and Platium.


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