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Smoking without fine dust, fast and energy-efficient

Ionsmoke is a breakthrough clean technology that helps you save time and energy when smoking meat, fish and cheese.

Based on a simple principle, Ionsmoke delivers state-of-the-art food processing technology.

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How it works

Ionsmoke explained in 4 steps:

Insulators generate stable high voltage



More yield

The fact that weight is lost during warm and hot smoking is definitely desirable. But there is a required weight loss and an unnecessary weight loss.
For example, a product can already have achieved its desired weight loss before the color is right.

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Smoking time reduction

We usually reduce smoking time by 50%. We can often shorten the drying times. This not only saves smoking time, but also overall time. This increases the capacity of the smoke house and can improve the productivity of the smoke house employees.

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Sawdust savings

It takes less sawdust/incense material for the same smoke transfer. This is also the case with liquid smoke.

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Energy savings

Due to the shorter smoking time, the system and smoke generator also require less energy. All factors together help to reduce the CO2 footprint.

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Fine dust pollution

The ionization technology behind Ionsmoke originally comes from fine dust filtering. Ernst Goldener had the brilliant idea of ​​installing an ionizing fine dust filter directly in a chamber instead of in the chimney.

After the first promising results, the EBSmoke team around Bruno Eigenmann came into play. With extensive knowledge of the treatment and smoking of food, we developed the Ionsmoke System. The great effectiveness in reducing fine dust is also retained in the modern Ionsmoke implementation.

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without Ionsmoke

with Ionsmoke

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Ionsmoke + EB1 Controller

Ionsmoke also works with your existing controller. This enables us to retrofit integral systems without extensive system changes.

Together with our EB1 controller there are further advantages. For example, the smoke density in the chamber can be measured and automatically adjusted on an ongoing basis.

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EB1 controller

In addition, the EBLuft software offers you extensive data acquisition. With the EBCloud you can also create the controller software yourself.

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Ionsmoke fits any vertically ventilated smoke system and works seamlessly with a special EBSmoke control system. Conventional smoking is still possible if you wish.

We will help you to adapt your recipes for Ionsmoke. The module is watertight and vapor-tight and withstands any normal cleaning of a system.


Special Insulator Type INV30kE

Temperature resistant from -20°C to 250°C.
Withstands typical smoke resin solvent and is moisture resistant
- even in operation.

High voltage calbe type INK-B, crimped to lenght

Special insulation for permanent, very high voltages.
Temperature resistant up to 250°C, robust against smoke resin solvent.

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HV-Ion Module Type INT

Distributes the high voltage evenly to both sides of the system and absorbs flashovers. Vibration-resistend, hard-wearing even with very high voltages.

HV-Ion Module TYPE INV6

Automatic voltage ramp-up and hold during smoking operation. Detection of smoke density differences and fully automatic adjustment of transmission efficiency. Vibration resistant, keeps the voltage stable even under increasing humidity and adaps to the constantly changing humidity, temperature and smoke environment in the milisecond range.

HV-Ion Module & Distributor

Stainless steel cabinet with dimension 38*38*21cm
Ventilated (24V fan with filter for input and output)IP 54: protected against dust in harmful quantities, protection against splashing water on all sides.

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