IFFA 2022 - Frankfurt


We are proud to announce that we participated in the IFFA 2022 trade fair in Frankfurt. IFFA is the world's leading trade fair for meat and alternative proteins, and it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our products to a new audience and explore potential collaborations.

photo of IFFA booth

Our booth

At our booth, we showcased our products and demonstrated how they can be used in the food industry. Our team engaged with attendees and explained how our technology works, the benefits of our products, and how they can make the smoking process cleaner and more efficient. We also had the opportunity to meet with potential clients and partners and discuss potential collaborations. Technology is one thing, the product is another though. So, we offered visitor a little snack, our famous "Mostbröckli" that were smoked with Ionsmoke.

Our presentation

As a company that specializes in clean food processing, we were thrilled to be part of an event where everyone meets. Our public presentation on how Ionsmoke works and how it can positively affect the business that uses it sparked a lot of interest. In case you missed it, you can watch it here:


We believe that our presence at IFFA 2022 was a great success, and we look forward to exploring the potential of our products in the food industry. We are excited to continue innovating and developing products that can benefit the food industry.

In conclusion, IFFA 2022 was a great opportunity for us to showcase our products and explore potential collaborations in the food industry. We are proud to be part of an event that highlights the importance of alternative proteins and are committed to developing innovative products that can benefit various industries.